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The Arrival of a New Subculture As a former 40 to 60 cigarettes a day habit I was delighted when the Smoking ban was introduced into Ireland on 29 March 2004, but even with this ban it still did not stop me smoking, infect it made me more determined to smoke ( I supposed it was my the pervasive side of my nature coming out). I kept promising myself that the next budget when the price goes up I'll stop and then the next and then the next and so on, I was now a social outcast because I was a smoker (that dirty filthy habit) it was getting to the stage that every opportunity I got to light up and annoy people with my nasty cigarette smoke was taken with glee on my side. I always knew that smoking was bad for me and that I was doing damage to my health with each and every cigarette but the habit was just to strong and the health and cost could always be justified.

Water Droplets

Trying to photograph water droplets with little success
This was one of the ones that did kind of work.

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