Say Hi to Harry Harlequin

Just a little personal project that I will be working on over the next few weeks, months maybe longer an almost "where's wally" but with a twist can you spot Harry the Harlequin. He will mainly feature in my Facebook, Tweeter and Tumbler pages (so if you haven't fallowed me already it's about time you should :-) ) but you will never know when and where he will appear. Sometimes life can be taken far too seriously and we all need to have a bit of FUN and Harry the Harlequin will be my photographic fun outlet.

Water Droplets

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Water Droplets are one of the most Fun and Frustrating kinds of photography that you can take.  I have over years tried so many different ways to try and get good droplets images and have failed more times than I care to remember.  The one bit of advice I can give is to research watch as many videos on YouTube or other sites before you try, preparation get everything ready before hand and check it twice and then check again just to be sure.  ALWAY REMEMDER  (if using studio lights) ELECTRICTY & WATER DO NOT MIX WELL , watch out for over spill with the water. 


The best way that I found to try and get these images is to use two flash units one on either side of the bowel of water and different colour cards to give off  a different colour  to you water droplets.  Milk, Food colouring, cream and other liquids can also make for very interesting effects, one of the best videos that I first used to try and get these image is the following from an amazing photographer Gavin Hoey and it can be found at the following link........        

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