Photographing the perfect Sun Halo

One of the most beautiful wasy to see a sun set is to try and get a Sun Halo around the Sun as you take an image. One point that you need to take note while that in photographing a halo, you’ll need to focus on the sky rather than the nearby object, or else the halo will be blurred. You can do this by pointing the camera at the open sky and engaging the autofocus (although I mainly use manul focus for my shots) if you’re in automatic mode–usually, a green box will appear when the shutter is half-pressed. Then, while keeping the shutter half-pressed, you should return to your initial framing with the nearby object in view, and press the shutter fully to complete the shot) It’s a good idea to move the camera around a bit to find the place with the least glare before you shoot. Although it’s good to try both, I find that wider-field shots often work better than close-ups–for one thing, if you want to capture the entire solar halo, it may be necessary to go as wide as you can.

Water Droplets

Trying to photograph water droplets with little success
This was one of the ones that did kind of work.

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